How to Create Relevant Social Media Content for Your Personal Brand

The whole point of personal brand photography is to save you the time you used to spend searching for images, finding old ones, using the same stock images and struggling to write any content because they were not your stories!

Having your own custom images is a dream because you have a vested interest in them. They are showcasing you, your brand, your business.

You know what you want to say and having photographs to share of yourself and your stories is a big help in actually getting something down on the page.

This time you have a reason for using a particular photograph. Even if it simply shows you sitting at your desk with a mug of coffee in your hand, there is a story behind it. Did you buy the mug on your honeymoon? Did your child make it for you? What kind of coffee do you like? What mementos do you have around you at your desk?

Sharing your personal brand stories is all well and good, but you also want to mix it up with helpful and informative posts.

Part of building your trust is to establish yourself as an expert and you can do that by sharing your knowledge.

If your aim is to share tips and educate your audience, spend some time writing them down to use alongside an image later. You’ll be surprised how much you can come up with when all you have to do is explain something that comes as naturally to you as breathing.

You can repurpose old but relevant content.

Pick out snippets from blog posts to use in tweets, overlay quotes on one of your images to share on Instagram or Pinterest and link it to the relevant page.

Edit long blog posts into micro-blogs for Instagram posts or compile micro Insta-blogs into longer posts.

Missinglettr is a useful website that monitors your blog and every time you publish a new post, it creates a campaign with quotes and images from your post. You review it, tell it what to share across your social media platforms and it sends out automated posts at predetermined intervals throughout the year.

My other recommendations for batch-scheduling and productivity apps and websites include Buffer, Hootsuite and LaterMedia.

However you choose to do it, batch-creating content is crucial to helping you save time and energy on your social media output.

Set aside some time at the start of every month to plan and schedule the coming weeks, then you can forget all about it!

Be present in your clients’ minds while being present with your family.

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