Renew your visibility

Recycle your message

Reinvigorate your audience

As a brand photographer, I help eco-friendly businesses nurture their audience, sustain their brand and conserve their time on social media by creating a collection of custom brand images.


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As an eco-friendly brand photographer, I help businesses like yours to build trust, stand out and save time, so that you can be seen and heard as you inspire action to create a greener planet.

I use my photography to create a collection of images that enriches your brand, shares your values and connects authentically with your ideal clients. 

By working with me, I help you to map out a selection of stories relating to your business, and plan the pictures around those stories. As a result, you end up with a library of unique photographs that enables you to simplify your brand marketing.

Now you can refuse to get sucked in to the black hole of social media, reduce your time spent hunting for clichéd stock photos, and repurpose your content knowing that you’ll always have a picture to go with your written copy.

Are you the owner of an eco-friendly business who wants to…

  • Share the story behind your business.
  • Showcase your eco-friendly, natural, recycled and locally-sourced products and stock online.
  • Promote your green, sustainable and ethical service to your target audience.
  • Demonstrate that it can be easy to be green.
  • Offer an alternative to the cheap, throwaway model.
  • Highlight a lifestyle that is healthy, calm and grounded in nature.

I can help you to organise your time, plan your online content, and build trust by creating a variety of images that give a consistent feel to your social media accounts, tell your brand’s story, and attract your ideal clients who share your values.

Catherine Tuckwell Personal Brand Photography - eco-friendly photographer houseplant in purple pot against white background
Catherine Tuckwell Personal Brand Photography eco-friendly photographer trees in Penshaw woods

I serve eco-friendly businesses who are passionate about:

  • Rethinking society’s quick, convenient and disposable mindset
  • Refusing what is not necessary
  • Reducing waste, pollution and excess
  • Reusing what is already there
  • Recycling what can be recycled
  • Repurposing what cannot
  • Reinstating a shift to local shopping and quality over quantity
  • Returning what belongs in nature back to nature
  • Reimagining what the future looks like

If you have ever…

…woken up one morning to realise that you have literally nothing to post on social media.

…had your plans for a chic, Instagrammable picture at the beach or in the local park ruined by the weather.

…had to explain to your family that you’re “too busy” to make dinner or attend sports day.

…wasted a couple of hours trying to take that selfie that is just right, before deciding that none of them out of a hundred are any good.

…tried to take your own pictures that looked fine on your phone, but were pixelated by the time you uploaded them to your website.

…looked at your competitors’ social profiles and wondered how they keep their feeds so consistent in their overall appearance.

…had one of those days where you feel you need to share a new photo, but your hair’s a mess, you haven’t bothered with make-up, and your t-shirt has yesterday’s tomatoey pasta sauce stains on it…

then personal brand photography can take away the hassle for you.